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I was rather tempted to make the following the feature for some variety and because we just don't really get that much in the way of history freebies, but in the end I decided against [Christian Convert Hitler Youth Biography] because it might have triggered some older people skimming the forum with bad memories and it's a subject matter that's probably of more limited interest anyway.

In he wrote a memoir of his experiences growing up during said war and after, which was printed by Broadman Press, which seems to be a faith-based publisher, and then picked up for wider republication by Bantam in Under the SS Shadow Everything after this is unsorted. Another Robert W. More Jazan Wild comics for your collection of such. It does have a radiographer in it, and they meet under what sound like entertainingly awkward emergency room circumstances.

Reason: The Film of the Book. And Smashwords, where the "Meatgrinder" now sounds considerably more porny than it did before.. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Search this Thread Advanced Search. All times are GMT The time now is PM.

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French-Language Awards

Remember Me? Tip Got Facebook? Browse Latest Uploads. Latest Uploads Feed. After completing his undergraduate degree, Ignatieff took up his studies at the University of Oxford , where he studied under, was influenced by, the famous liberal philosopher Sir Isaiah Berlin , whom he would write about. While an undergraduate at the University of Toronto, he was a part-time reporter for The Globe and Mail in — Ignatieff is married to Hungarian-born Zsuzsanna M.

Zsohar, has two children and Sophie, from his first marriage to Londoner Susan Barrowclough, he has a younger brother, Andrew, a community worker who assisted with Ignatieff's campaign. Although he says he is not a "church guy", Ignatieff was raised Russian Orthodox and attends services with family, he describes himself as neither an atheist nor a "believer". Ignatieff was an assistant professor of history at the University of British Columbia from to In he moved to the United Kingdom , where he held a senior research fellowship at King's College, until He left Cambridge for London , where he began to focus on his career as a writer and journalist.

During this time, he trav. She is best known for her novel The Stone Diaries , which won the U. A United Nations scholarship encouraged Shields to spend a junior year abroad — at the University of Exeter in England. Shields did post-graduate work at the University of Ottawa , where she received an MA in In , while on British Council sponsored study week in Scotland , she met a Canadian engineering student, Donald Hugh Shields; the couple moved to Canada, where they had a son and four daughters. Shields became a Canadian citizen.

In , Shields became editorial assistant for the journal Canadian Slavonic Papers while living in Ottawa —, her first novel, Small Ceremonies, was published in , followed by The Box Garden in That year she worked as a sessional lecturer in the English Department at the University of Ottawa. Shields' third novel, was published in , it was here. She was appointed as an officer of the Order of Canada in and was elevated to companion of the Order in It was awarded the Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize.

On retirement in , Shields became Professor Emerita at the University of Manitoba; that year, after Don's retirement, the couple moved to Victoria, British Columbia. Her last novel, contains a passionate defense of female writers who write of'domestic' subjects.

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Carol Shields wrote plays including "Departures and Arrivals", performed hundreds of times by both amateur and professional theaters. Collections of poems by Shields were published in "Others", "Intersect", "Coming to Canada". Two collections of essays written by women about what they were not told became best sellers in Canada. Shields died in of breast cancer at age 68 in Victoria.

Following her death, six of her short stories were adapted by Shaftesbury Films into the dramatic anthology series The Shields Stories , her earlier short story collections were republished as Collected Stories of Carol Shields in Her final novel, was adapted as a play in by Alan Gilsenan.

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  • Shields' eldest daughter, Anne Giardini , is a writer. Anne's second novel, Advice for Italian Boys, was published in Giardini and her son, edited a book of Shields' thoughts and advice on writing and Illuminate, published in It was first published in by Stewart; the novel fictionalizes the lives of the immigrants who played a large role in the building of the city of Toronto in the early s, but whose contributions never became part of the city's official history.

    Ondaatje illuminates the investment of these settlers in Canada , through their labour, while they remain outsiders to mainstream society. Ondaatje spent many months in the archives of newspapers of the era. Harris Water Treatment Plant , focuses on the lives of the immigrant workers; the plot incorporates a number of true stories of the time, such as the fall of a nun from a bridge, the disappearance of Ambrose Small , the political suppression of Police Chief Draper, the murder of labour union organizers Rosvall and Voutilainen.

    The novel's title is taken from a line following the death of Enkidu , it is located in the epigraph as "I will let my hair grow long for your sake, I will wander through the wilderness in the skin of a lion," echoing the theme of converging voices re-telling history. Ondaatje's and more famous novel The English Patient is, in part, a sequel to In the Skin of a Lion, continuing the characters of Hana and Caravaggio , as well as revealing the fate of this novel's main character, Patrick Lewis; the first chapter, "Little Seeds," describes the growing years of the main character, Patrick Lewis, providing causation for his subsequent actions in the novel.

    As a young boy in Depot Creek , Patrick watches the loggers arrive in town in the winter, work in the mills in the other seasons, skate on the frozen river.

    Governor-General's Awards for Children's Literature

    Patrick's father, Hazen Lewis becomes a dynamiter and is meticulous when washing his clothes each evening to remove remnants of explosives on his apparel; these elements form the foundation of the subsequent narrative: Depot Creek, the loggers skating, learning about dynamite , etc. Harris, the city's Commissioner of Public Works visits the bridge at night. One night, five nuns wander onto the unfinished bridge and one falls off.

    Nicholas Temelcoff, a Macedonian immigrant worker on the bridge, saves the nun who fell off the bridge, dislocating his arm; the nun missing her veil, tears her habit to make him a sling.

    Governor-General's Awards for Children's Literature

    At a bar, he offers her brandy , a new lease on life. Temelcoff is a silent man who struggles with English yet they are able to transcend their social and language barriers through the commonality of their scars— his from work, hers from being "always unlucky. He falls asleep and wakes to find a doctor treating his arm and the nun gone; as a young man, Patrick leaves the profession that killed his father and sets out to find the vanished millionaire Ambrose Small. This leads him to a relationship with her. Patrick loses interest in finding Small, hoping only to remove Clara from Small.

    Clara warns him not to follow her. Patrick is broken-hearted. Three years Clara's friend Alice unexpectedly arrives and tells Patrick that Clara's mother might know where Clara is. Patrick sets out to search for Clara. On meeting Clara's mother, Patrick learns that Small are living in his old hometown. Patrick finds Small living in a house owned by a timber company, Small attempts to set him on fire—once by dropping kerosene on him and by throwing a Molotov cocktail. Patrick escapes to his hotel room and is visited by Clara, who dresses his wounds and makes love to him before returning to Small.

    Patrick rents an apartment in a Macedonian neighborhood, he is accepted into the neighborhood and is invited by Kosta, a fellow dynamiter, to a gathering at the Waterworks—a place where various nationalities gather for secret political discussions and entertainment. Patrick witnesses a performance in which an actor smashes her hand against the stage and rushes forward to help her, he recognizes her as Alice Gull. His act of helping her turns out to be part of the show. Patrick learns about Hana, her nine-year-old daughter.

    Patrick and Alice become lovers. Patrick finds work in a leather company through Alice's friends and meets Nicholas Temelcoff, now a baker. On studying the bridge, Patrick learns about the nun that had fallen off, whose body was never found. He promises to look after Hana. Patrick travels by train, north of Huntsville takes a steamer to a Muskoka hotel frequented by the rich, he burns down the hotel, then.

    He was born in Montreal , where he grew up in the French-speaking neighbourhood of Plateau Mont-Royal.