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The field was narrowed further after many of them — hooing and cooing at the world in what D. Blame the outsiders instead. Blame the outsiders who are picking up jobs, buying up apartments, fouling up the bureaucracy and public services and who, in just about every other sense, are behaving rather badly.

The seven Real Skills

Just blame the outsiders. For the last two decades, these writhing factions have preferred to engage in whatever shabby tactic is needed to get one up on their opponents. The most critical problem confronting Hong Kong, and the source of the despondency eating away at its soul, is second-rate political leadership by Hongkongers, for Hongkongers.

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The solution lies just across the border. If absorbed by Shenzhen, Hongkongers would quickly see an improvement in their living standards.

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The high-quality government that the city so desperately needs would be forthcoming immediately, the political and physical constraints on the territory would be relieved, living spaces opened up, corruption expunged, businesses controlled and inequalities finally tackled as subventions are pushed toward those who need it most. Beijing is certain to act positively because its long-term survival, just like that of any other leadership the world over, depends upon how well it looks after those it governs.

Moreover, Beijing will want China to look good.

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The solution might seem radical, even unthinkable in the present circumstances. Yet full integration by will take place come what may. I suspect it will be necessary sooner rather than later. Beijing will then have no choice but to conclude that the slow path to integration is taking Hong Kong over a cliff. Unity will come sooner rather than later but in a different and extremely unhelpful atmosphere — one, it will be said, that all along could have been avoided. Free media cannot run for free. Unlike social media, we are not using your personal information to sell you advertising.

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