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In the late s, in the capital of Ethiopia, record store owner-turned-music producer Amha Eshete noticed something strange: there was no Ethiopian music being produced and sold in his country. Herein began the birth of recorded Ethiopian music, imbued with the flavours of funk, soul and jazz. Slave To The Grind is the first documentary on Grindcore to capture the genre's 35 year life span. Bulgarian-born Miroslav Morski is an immigrant in London who has dedicated his life to music.

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After years of searching for direction, at 43 he gets a chance to start a family and finally make it as a musician. Beyond the Notes explores the vision behind an iconic American jazz record label. Since , Blue Note artists have been encouraged to push creative boundaries in search of uncompromising expressions. After four well-received albums and 10 years of touring, conflicting perspectives on success have pushed the two apart.

Could this be the end of the Sheffield-based indie band? Her raw raps are autobiographical and strongly focused on sexual identity, politics and her immigrant background — her father is from Syria, her mother from Lithuania. Loud, fearless and un typical girls: Gina Birch The Raincoats and Helen Reddington The Chefs , musicians and punk icons turned directors, serve up a fascinating documentary built on new interviews with the women who played instruments in punk bands in the s.

Pop music…but in Welsh.

This striking and beautifully filmed documentary tells the compelling and unexpected story of Detroit techno and the independent labels that enabled its stubbornly independent underground culture to resonate worldwide. Harmony, healing and shared humanity: a moving portrait of the practice of Kirtan , and the people from all walks of life and cultural traditions who seek inner peace by singing mantras together. Since the international community has injected more than a trillion dollars into Afghanistan. What went wrong? How did The Beatles rocket to stardom while their British Invasion rivals vanished from the music scene?

Clem Burke is the beat behind multi-platinum selling band Blondie whose signature style has brought millions to the dance floor, with a unique approach to playing that has seen him accompany artists from Bob Dylan to Eurythmics. We discuss our collaboration on this film in the interview. Marine Life , adapted from the linked short stories by Linda Svendsen, also explores Wheeler's primary themes of families headed by women and the discovery of self. In Wheeler directed Suddenly Naked , a romantic comedy that also premiered at Berlin and, through humour, questions what happens when artists create for fame and fortune rather than express themselves truthfully.

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For the purposes of this interview I focus on two of Wheeler's feature films: Bye Bye Blues , a story rooted in her family and place of birth, and Better Than Chocolate , a film rooted in my family and place of birth. But to begin, I ask her about getting started in the film world. Jacqueline Levitin is a filmmaker and film historian-critic who teaches at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. He is currently completing a monograph on urbanity in Canadian cinema and organizing the second volume of this series.

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Kalli Paakspuu teaches at York University and is a Genie-winning filmmaker, new media, and theatre artist. Her publications and art projects specialize in visual, oral, and mnemonic knowledge practices. She was one of the producers on the feature film Saint Monica and most recently was one of the executive producers on the documentary The Oldest Basketball Team in the World Funny, provocative, and enlightening, the filmmakers reflect on their careers and explore with the interviewers the issues that challenge them.

This book features an interview with a late director Jean-Claude Lauzon whose work is recognized in the canon as outstanding; interviews with filmmakers who are accomplished in their fields and have to their credit a sizeable body of work Blake Corbet, Andrew Currie, Brent Carlson, Guy Maddin, Lynne Stopkewich, Anne Wheeler, Gary Burns, and Mina Shum ; and an interview with a young director new to the field Michael Dowse. Together these players in the Canadian film scene capture the energy, success, and tribulations of a fascinating cultural industry. The Young, the Restless, and the Dead is the first volume in a series of interviews with key cultural creators in the field of cinema.

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